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jealously? i'm christie smith, we'll have that story, plus one man who is still missing. >> investigators are trying to figure out what led a man to take three discovery channel workers hostage. we will explain what the man said he learned from "my "mythbusters" which is filmed in the bay area which helped him in the attack. 6:00 right now. we are counting down the hours until the weekend. thanks for making us part of la. >> i'm brent cannon. we want to get to the forecast because in some places it's already warm. >> 70 this morning in san francisco. san jose, not far behind. 66. you can see the pre-sunrise view. clear skies, on our way to another hot day around the bay area. 60s for breakfast time. lunch time, uncomfortably warm. 90s by noon. a late-day sea breeze helps out
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san francisco. san jose, mid to upper 90s. near 100 in livermore. we'll let you know if this will hold up for the weekend. investigators are work to unravel a deadly web of violence in the east bay including the possibility that a love triangle may have sparked a murder spree that led to four deaths. christie smith is live in vallejo with the latest develops. >> reporter: one theory that investigators are taking a close look at is that the man at the center of all of this may have believed that his girlfriend was having an affair with a 73-year-old man or perhaps his son and that set him off. friends of 46-year-old cindy tran are heart broken over it. they say tran's boyfriend efren valdemoro kidnapped and strangled her after she left her job at a vallejo salon on tuesday night.
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she left her job another a vallejo nail salon tuesday night and minutes later called to say that valdemoro had taken her by force. then pleasant hill police spotted her car. there was a high-speed chase. chp officers killed valdemoro after he grabbed a cleaver and made threats. now, four days earlier police say he killed a 73-year-old ricardo sales in hercules. tran was his landlord. police think he thought something romantic was going on with the father or son. friends describe a relationship that was clearly on the skids. >> the first couple years -- first year or so they started dating, he would bring iced coffees, was really nice. just the last few months it's been weird. his attitude has changed. >> reporter: now, ricardo sales was found beaten in his home saturday. but detectives are still wondering where his son frederick is. he is 35 years old and was living in the home with his father. reporting live in vallejo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. looking at the job picture this morning, here's a surprise. the average young woman makes more than the average young man.
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scott mcgrew, most people claim the opposite. >> it all depends on how you look at the statistic. for the same work, looking at employees who are older, yeah, a man does tend to make more than a woman. however, reduce that age to the 20s or 30s, and then just look at genders in general and all of a sudden women make a lot more money. this is a study by reach advisers. part of this is education. there are far more women in college than men. the other factor is the type of job. layoffs were likely to hit traditionally male jobs, construction, manufacturing, that kind of thing. now, the employment picture very important this morning. tomorrow we get the latest on employment figures from the labor department. we just got the weekly jobless claims, falling ever so slightly. about 6,000 people files for claims this week compared to last. a few seconds ago we got word
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that hewlett-packard has once again raised its bid for fremont based 3par, $33 a share. just keeps going and going. >> thank you very much. this morning we have exclusive nbc audio of the gunman who held discovery channel employees hostage for four terrifying hours. >> i have a gun. i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. i have a device that if i drop it, if i drop it i'll [ bleep ] explode. >> officers say 43-year-old james lee walked into discovery channel headquarters in maryland armed with a gun and what looked like bombs. officers shot and killed lee after he pointed his gun at one of the hostages. shortly after the incident began, nbc news called the discovery channel. lee grabbed the phone and spoke with an nbc producer for about ten minutes. nbc news notified police and agreed to withhold the tape until the crisis was over.
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officers say that lee posted a long ranting list of demands on a website. the gunman in the hostage situation reportedly learned how to make a bomb from the tv show taped here in the bay area. before he was killed by police, lee told nbc news he picked up pointers from "mythbusters." the show runs on the discovery channel and aims to uncover the truth behind popular myths and legends. so far producers have not commented on the incident. police believe a man wanted in a string of bank robberies in the bay area has struck again. the man held up the bank of the wes branch yesterday afternoon at about 4:00. the robber is described in his mid 40s wearing a black nike baseball cap, a white long-sleeve button up shirt, jeans and black shoes, similar to the clothing of a man also wanted in nine other bank robberies since june 2nd. police think he robbed banks in mountain view, redwood city, menlo park, daly city, pacifica.
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late-night strolls through the park may end in san francisco. city leaders are thinking about shutting down parks overnight due recent violence and vandalism at golden gate park. city parks are generally closed between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. already, but the examiner reports visitors can enter parks any time, it's just against the law to sleep there. police say they wouldn't go after people walking their dogs after-hours, but would put an end to the chronic trespassers. hotel workers will be picketing today. employees at the hyatt fisherman wharf and hyatt santa clara will call for a right to create a union without intimidation. you may be able to make public comments about caltrains this morning and about fares.
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the company is facing a $2.3 million deficit. possible changes so far include suspending all weekend service and reducing weekday, early morning, midday and/or late evening service. the hearing will be at 10:00 at the caltrain office in san carlo. new this morning we are learning that caltrain riders would rather pay more than have their services cut. more than half the comments collected by caltrain already said that people would pay a 25 cent hike in order to save weekend service to gilroy. as a result, cutting that train is now being pulled off the table. caltrain needs to come up with a plan to fill the $2.3 million budget hole by october. time is 6:07. time to check in with mike, take the latest look at the morning commute. >> good morning. your voice is heard, caltrain and b.a.r.t. as well heard riders and what they requested. no b.a.r.t. system to take you through the slowing for pittsburg or antioch. bay point doesn't pick up until south of highway 4.
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the accident on willow cross road has cleared just in time for slowing to get worse. southbound 680 at livorna road, reports of wood degree scattered across the lanes. no traffic stopped now, but this will be an issue for your paint job as you head south through there. you will see slowing down through diablo and danville. highway 24 moving smoothly towards the caldecott. livermore is slower as well as the carquinez bridge. you will have northbound traffic heading out through livermore or the carquinez and benicia bridges because folks heading to sacramento and tahoe. sunol grade moving smoothly for 680. volume picking up in the south bay. coming back to the studio, a heart-felt apology to the raider nation. it is not the a's who play today, it is the raiders.
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brent, you are correct. laura, you knew it. >> there is an "a" in raiders. >> go team. >> whatever team it is, just go. it will be hot today. >> 66 degrees in san jose now. let's show you what's going on in san francisco. 67, clear skies, no sea breeze yet. later this afternoon, we'll see winds picking up and cooling us off. today, another hot day inland. 90s by lunch time. then the sea breeze kicks in this afternoon, which means the peninsula and coast for the late afternoon will start to cool off. for labor day weekend the sea breeze kicking in. we will see cooler temperatures. this morning, signs of a slight off-shore winds. not enough to present a spare the air day. this is foreground level ozone in the unhealthy range today. try to reduce your outdoor activities today.
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8:00 a.m., mostly 60s. 80s and 90s inland by lunch time. the hottest places like livermore getting close to 100. 90s in san jose. tomorrow, things begin to cool down. that cooling trend taking us through the weekend. back to you. time is 6:10. a new travel warning to one country considered home for a lot of people here in the bay area. bob redell, when it comes to america's safest cities for drivers, san francisco comes out not on top. i'll explain coming up in a live report. and would you want this in your backyard? some south bay neighbors ask a cell phone company can you hear me now about their big towers. right now it's 6:10. it's the tale of david versus goliath on the gridiron for one bay area football team this weekend. can you guess which team we're talking about based on this fight song? ♪
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welcome back. nice shot of the bay this morning. along the waterfront may be one of the places you will want to go today because it's going to be a scorcher. temperatures getting close or above 100 degrees. a l along the coast may be the best spot. it may be obvious to people on their way to work this morning that a lot of drivers are not that good. >> mike is following what's happening on the road right now, first bob redell is live and a big secret is out, drivers are not make the grade behind the wheel. >> here is a number that might
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surprise you. drivers here in san francisco are 50% more likely to get in an accident than the national average. this is according to allstate insurance and a new report they just released this report ranks the safest cities for driving throughout the country. san francisco did not do so well when it comes to collision. we are near the bottom of that ranking at 185 out of 193 cities. with the average driver getting into an accident once every six and a half years. oakland is at 153. sunnyvale, 143. san jose, 131. hayward, 122. this report, by the way, is bas based on a statistical analysis of car accidents between 2007 and 2008. i bring that up because in that time since there have been
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changes in san francisco to traffic flow patterns, especially along market street, which maybe if they were to do that analysis today, looking at that number since then, perhaps san francisco would do better. to get around safer and minimiz accident by not driving distracted. don't tailgate. maintain your car. of course, steer clear of road rage. our friends to the south ranked a little better than san francisco but only by a few spots. reporting life in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> here is 880, mike is track the roads for us. he has a look at the commute coming up. a fight is brewing over cell phone towers in los altos. neighbor's are upset with a couple's plan to let verizon build a 55-foot tower on their
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property. it could look like this one. people in the san antonio hills neighborhood will ask the santa clara county to reconsider approval of the plan. they already have cell phones, three of them on this couple's property, and neighbors say the new one is going to make that whole place look like a cellular antenna farm. the latest tower will be 15 feet higher than the other ones, and they worry it will be an eyesore a health risk and cause property values to drop. steve jobs, the second most powerful man. scott mcgrew who is number one? >> mark zuckerberg, this is according to "vanity fair." not the most influential in high-tech, but most influential overall. mark zuckerberg is at first place. in second place, steve jobs. of course jobs introducing upgrades to the ipod in san francisco on wednesday. third place has three people in
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it. brin, page and schmit, those are the google guys. fourth place, rupert murdoch, and jeff bezos in fifth place of rupert murdoch is high-tech as well. >> pretty powerful. >> new this morning a broad new travel warning for americans planning to visit india. the state department is asking americans to be on alert and be careful during the 2010 commonwealth games in october. there are no specific attacks link to the games, but it is suggested that al qaeda is plan ing planing attacks in the area. >> an oscar winning filmmake ser delivering a petition to the u.s. embassy in tokyo calling for an end to dolphin hunting. rick o'berry handed over a petition wit pill
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onsignatures. the japanese government allows hunters to kill about 20,000 dolphins per year, and they claim killing dolphins and whales is no different from raising cows or pig fors for slaughter. this morning an actor is in the hospital. an object crashed through the windshield of the car striking the female driver. the toyota went for almost a half mile before hitting a concrete barrier. the movie crew says the woman was an extra, not a member of the stunt team driving her own car at the time of the crash. time is 6:18. we want to get another update with mike and look at your roads. >> we will take you first to the south bay and give you the overall drive through san jose.
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first concern for folks this is moving smoothly. no problems here's. we will see this slowdown occurring at 680/101 interchange. in about 15 minutes watch for those sensors to change. highway 87 looking good now. heavier volume today than earlier this week because it's a thursday, heavier volume of traffic, and then secondly folks trying to get in town early to get out early. no way to get down highway 17. southbound 17 currently blocked over the last couple of minutes. a tractor trailer overturned blocking lanes by the summit. that's also the destination for folks this afternoon, highway 17, highway 101, big sur, this morni morning those are the top destinations for folks heading out of san francisco. no delays coming through the maze or the toll plaza. a disabled vehicle was cleared
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of treasure island. still smooth across that deck. golden gate bridge, an earlier issue, debris on the marin side, so far a smooth drive. expect heavier drives over the weekend as well. the forecast for labor day coming up. alumni students all across the country are dusting off the pom-poms and breaking out the tailgating apron. college football kicks off today. next we will talk to the man about to lead his team against the defending national champs.
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♪ that will get you in the spirit. a live look outside. college football season kicks off this weekend. you can already hear that spartan spirit. at least that fight song. >> as a matter of fact, that was my high school fight song and fight songs will be heard across the country starting tonight. the 2010 football season will be kicking off.
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cal opens up at home against uc state. the spartans will face alabama. here to talk about the big game, san jose head coach mike mcintyre. thank you for waking up with us. >> thanks for having me. >> so you're in the locker room, it's just about time to take to the field what kinds of things will you tell your team? you're playing one of the most storied programs, top-ranked team at their place. what do you say to their guys? >> i have to calm them down. they're already excited about going, playing in front of 100,000 102,000 people. watching the national championship banner drop down. we have to make sure they're calm, make sure that they know between the lines is where you play the game. just worry about what san jose
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state needs to do to take care of the football, not alabama. >> do you feel pressure in a game like this to keep that spartan spirit alive? >> i don't know if there's pressure, tom bowlen resurrected the program five years ago and we're on good footing financially. now it's time to take the bar to another level. these games help us in recruiting. it's a big thing. you can see it on san jose state's name across espn every day this week. all of that stuff helps us in recruiting. it will pay dividends in the year 2012, 2013. >> it has to be great exposure. the game will be televised on one of the espn channels. your guys have to be excited about that. it is an opportunity. anything can happen in college supports, how awesome would it be if sunday, monday and tuesday everybody is talking about the big upset in alabama. >> no doubt about it. you play football, you understand. it's a macho thing. you always want to play against the best. our young men play against the best. they started playing pop warner
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football when they were 8 years old and they agreemedreamed of these games. it's an opportunity of a lifetime and we'll take advantage of it. >> it's exciting. >> there's been a lot of conference reshuffling going on, your conference, san jose state talking about going to the mountain west. what does that mean for the conference, san jose state and looking a year or two down the road when some of these things happen what will happen to you guys? >> it's a great thing the media talks about but there's not much i can control about it what i have do is get my team ready and recruit. it's exciting. other teams will be coming in. new rivalries started. there's always a changing face in college football. it will continue to be that way because of the television market and that type of thing. it will always change. we will bring new rivalries, new excitement to the program. so i'm excited about what the future holds. >> we have to root on the local teams. good luck to you. >> appreciate it. >> we will be watching that one. thanks for coming in. >> i hope you come out a couple
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saturdays, september 18th we play southern utah. we'll get you box seats. come on. >> i'm there. >> big plans. we will get the cheering section going. >> that will be great. >> the college football season kicks off tonight. more than 20 games scheduled. those games include ohio state and three other teams
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